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Top Tier Collectibles wants to buy your vintage sports cards and collectibles.  Our experts have been buying and selling for over 15 years and are known for paying industry leading prices.  We buy thousands of items per year and the reason why is very simple… WE PAY MORE.  Top Tier Collectibles is based out of the tri-state area but we have purchased collections from people all across the country. We believe in being upfront with our customers and our honesty and friendly customer service has provided us all the referrals and business we could handle.

Not sure what your item is worth? Top Tier Collectibles provides free appraisals. Although you can send us an email with photos, it is hard for us to truly grasp the exact value of the item without seeing it in person.  We recommend mailing the item(s) to us. Upon receipt we will appraise the item and provide you with an offer. If we can not come to an agreement, we will promptly send the item back and refund you your original shipping costs. It’s that easy.

Close by? If you are near Long Island, NY, you can stop by anytime OR we will come to you in certain circumstances.

This leads us to our next question…..

How can I trust that if I mail you my items you will not steal them?

The answer is simple. If we were in the business of stealing from our customers, we definitely would have gotten caught by now and you would be able to find horror stories about us online.  On top of that, mail fraud is a federal offense and the authorities take it very serious.  Stick to the basics… treat people fairly and do good business. We do 99% of our business by mail (both buying and selling) and have taken great care in protecting our reputation. We have never kept an item that does not belong to us and never will.

Items we are currently most interested in buying:

Vintage Sports Cards Pre 1970


Vintage Pennants

Vintage Programs

Vintage Ticket Stubs

Vintage Bobble Heads

Vintage Pins

Any rare uncommon items

Top Tier Collectibles does not limit itself exclusively to the sports field. We also buy other collectible items such as…

Vintage Rock Posters

Vintage Black Light Posters

Vintage Concert Posters

Presidential Autographs

Rare Books

Vintage Toys

Any rare uncommon items from any field

If you think you have an item we could use, simply contact us via email and someone will contact you back within 24 hours.