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Buy Low…Then Sell High


Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig. Mickey Mantle. Joe DiMaggio.

These are 4 household names that my mother, your mother, my 26 year old sister, your 18 year old nephew and quite possibly my immigrant grandmother all know.

These are safe investments. Your Fang stocks so to speak (Facebook,Apple,Netflix,Google).

Nevertheless, the problem with these players, as well as those stocks, is that fact that you have to pay up in order to own them.  They are safe bets; however, you must pay a premium for such safety in return for minimal room left for growth.

In this piece, we are looking for opportunities to buy low in the vintage baseball card sector.  We aren’t looking for that 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth or that 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card. Rather, we are looking for the next big thing.  That next big boom.

We want to own that 1952 Mantle rookie card before it actually becomes the “1952 MANTLE ROOKIE CARD”.




 1947 Bond Bread Jackie Robinson Portrait

As an investment, Jackie Robinson memorabilia remains undervalued.

I won’t get into why Jackie Robinson is the most important and influential figure to ever step foot on a baseball diamond, nor will I get into the history of his Bond Bread cards, however here is a link to a well written description by Goldin Auctions in case you were wondering.…entoryid=27398 

This article will focus more on the numbers than Robinson himself.

My love for the 1947 Jackie Robinson Bond Bread Portrait rookie card stems from the fact that it meets the requirements of the very rare trifecta; something we seldom see in the sports card market. Is it a rookie card? YES. (This is #1). Does it cross over into a different market as well? YES. (This is #2 and #3).

Jackie Robinson appeals to collectors of black history and civil rights memorabilia; however, this card goes a step further and enters into the realm of advertising.



Let’s compare the recent realized prices of both his 1948 Leaf and 1947 Bond Bread rookie cards.

  • 1949 Leaf PSA 7

$12,445 (9/11/17 EBAY)

$18,000 (8/20/17 Heritage Auctions)

The population report of this card is 74.  There have been 74 different 1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson Rookie cards graded a 7 by PSA.


Let’s take a look at the most recent sales of the 1947 Bond Bread Portrait.

P.S. I (like an dummy) made a private sale of a PSA 7.5 for $3500 mid 2017. I will probably never get that card back again. Oh well.


Anyways, documented sales are as follows…

1947 Bond Bread PSA 7

Oh wait there haven’t been any documented Sales since 2015.

How about PSA 6?

$1450.01 (4/14/17 EBAY)


$4200 (10/29/17 REA AUCTIONS)


no documented sales until 2012.

PSA 5?

$750 (7/24/16 on ebay)

Did you know there are only 10 graded examples of this card in PSA 7, 13 examples in PSA 6 and 7 in PSA 5?

This card is about to BOOM people!

Now don’t get me wrong, these cards don’t grow on trees, as the supply is simply not there.  However, when they do pop up, they are often raw and quite affordable.

The only thing keeping this card from blowing up is knowledge. The majority of novice collector’s do not even know that this card exists.  Once it becomes more mainstream people are going to want it.  There only lies one problem… This was a regional release and the production of the leaf rookie far exceeds its Bond Bread counterpart. Supply and Demand people!!





Buy any raw or graded Jackie Robinson Bond Bread card available at any reasonable price. This is going to become a home run in the next 12-24 months.


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